Days 51-54 (never posted) & Day 55-58 (today)

****THE BELOW POST NEVER “POSTED”.  This seems to happen often….. Wacky WordPress.  Day 55 I ran 6.5 miles before my knee got pissed and basically shut down.  A dog peed on my jacket at the track (bonus).  Day 56 I ran 2 miles.  Day 57 I did 30 minutes on the eliptical.  Today (Day 58) I ran 6 miles as recommended.  Knee feels okay but I have determined I have Iliotibial Band Syndrome 

I also need new shoes.  I’ve had the current pair for close to 4 years…..


I’m still running.  I’m also still on track with the training schedule.  It’s just this week got away from me and I messed up a few of the days.

The treadmill cleaner arrived on Monday so we managed to tighten the belt and clean the components.  It’s almost like new now.  On Day 52 I ran 4.6 miles (suppose to do 5) but at the end the belt started to loosen again.

Day 53 I did yoga which was wonderful.  I really needed to stretch.  I forget how important it is.  Plus it helps clear my mind.

Day 54 (today) I did a 20 minute leg workout (squats, calf raises, bottom drops, lunges) plus 30 minutes on the elliptical.

Tomorrow is a 7 mile long run.  I’ll head up to the high school again, fill my pocket with 7 rocks and just run.  Then I’ll come home and hopefully finish the bathroom remodel.  It’s taken way too long.



Days 45-50

I got back late last night from a few days of camping in the Tahoe National Forest.  It was amazingly beautiful.  I took my running shoes and was all set to run a few miles on Saturday.  I did run but only 2 miles.  It is amazing what an altitude of 5,000 plus feet will do to a person’s lungs.  Plus the hills were something I wasn’t used to.  I snuck out of the tent before most people had awoke.  I had the piece and quiet morning to myself.  A few cars passed me on their way out of the campground as they headed out for the days adventure. 

Today it took all my strength to get out of bed.  I am tired.  But I did 30 minutes on the elliptical.  I also got to work and the cleaning stuff for the treadmill arrived.  It should be ready to go for tomorrow’s 5 mile run. 

Back on track…

Day 44

Today was hard.  I didn’t expect it to be.  Mainly because when I started this adventure, I used to DREAD the week where the miles jumped an additional mile across the board.  Now that I’m this far into it and after how good the 6 miles felt on Saturday, I expected to bust through today’s five miles in record time.  Not the case.

I think it’s the treadmill.  At one point I about fell off.  But I can’t bitch too much.  It’s not totally broken, only bruised (the treadmill).

My lungs felt good, my knee was okay… but I have to compensate for the hiccups in the belt and that is just annoying.  I got an email that the cleaning kit “shipped” so that is good. Plus I’ll be able to run outside again this weekend and I’m looking forward to it.  7 miles on Saturday is the plan….

Goal: 5
Ran: 5 – about fell off the treadmill.

Time: 88:34

Diet: I’m doing good.  (pms cravings…sorry tmi)

Weight: 154.5 (see above 😉

Days 41-43

I’m a terrible weekend poster.  I just can’t justify sitting at the computer when I have a shit ton of other things to do.  So today I play catch up.

Day 41 – Saturday:
I got up early and drove into town and ran at the high school track.  Now, this isn’t your typical high school track.  It’s dirt, it’s old and not well maintained.  But it’s sits on a cliff overlooking the Pacific Ocean so who cares.  When I stared out, I gathered 6 little rocks and put them in my pocket.  Every 4th time around the track I dropped a rock out onto the ground.  When I ran out of rocks, I knew I was done.

Surprisingly, I could have kept running.  I almost did but thought better of it.  Heaven forbid I hurt myself like last week.

Goal: 6
Ran: 6 – Great pace, felt great…could have kept going

Time: I don’t know.  I didn’t wear a watch but I think it was about an hour and a half

Diet: I did okay

Weight: 153

Day 42 – Sunday:
I was suppose to run 3 miles. But I recently bought a lug of peaches and a lug of pears that needed to be canned (at least the peaches).  When that was done, we hopped in the car and drove 2 hours (one way) to pick up a $50 elliptical machine.  It’s almost brand new.  It completes the workout room nicely and was totally worth the drive.  It even fit in the back of the Subaru right next to the 6 year old!

Day 43 – Monday:I got an opportunity to test out the new elliptical machine.  It rocks.  I did about 45 minutes.  It was a bit hard.  I can tell it uses a completely different set of leg muscles.  It was a nice “rest day” workout.  Tomorrow I’m to run 5 miles.  I won’t be able to go to the high school so I hope the treadmill holds up.  I ordered a ” belt cleaning kit” that should arrive this week.  I hope that solves the hiccups.

Day 40

I can’t believe it’s been 40 days….. It went by so fast.  I guess if it had rained the entire time, I wouldn’t think so 😉

Once again, today was a rest day.  But I hoped on that bike and peddled for 45 minutes.  It felt good.  I only wish the bike reported out on just how many miles I rode.  But it’s really no big deal.  It wouldn’t make a difference.

I am determine to run the 6 miles tomorrow baring any knee pains.  I think I’m going to head up to the high school bright an early.  I’ve got plans to can peaches and pears this weekend so I need to get it out of the way early.  Plus I’m still in the middle of redoing my son’s bathroom.  Tonight I’m pulling out the carpet….yes…carpet.  Who does that?  Gross.

Goal: 0 Rest Day
Ran: Biked

Time: 45:00

Diet: I get to have a beer tonight if I want (which I do)
Goal: Lots of water and 700 calorie deficit

Weight: 153.6 UP. Argh.

Day 39

My 6 year old took this picture two nights ago from our back deck.  I keep looking at it because it is so amazing.  It’s the same view (minus the sunset) that I have from the treadmill where I run very early in the morning.


I typically start my days at  5:00am.  The coffee is already brewed (thank you whoever designed the auto timer) and I take the next 30 minutes to make sandwiches for the family’s lunches.  Then I check my email and enjoy my coffee before suiting up for a jog.

The thing I like the most about the mornings is the quiet.  And the freshness of the day.  Everything seems new and crisp.  I get to watch the sun begin to lighten the sky and by the time I am done with my workout the day has fully begun.  It is a beautiful thing!

Goal: 4
Ran: 2.3 (I didn’t want to push my knee and the treadmill is still a little wonky)

Time: 45:00 (pace of 16:40 with a small walk at the end)

Diet: I joined a local CSA and am eating the best fruits and veggies!
Goal: Lots of water and 700 calorie deficit

Weight: 152.2 down!

Day 38

The knee still feels okay.  In order to stay on the schedule, I walked for 45 minutes or  1.5 miles.  Tomorrow I’m to run 4 miles again.  I plan to try.

The diet is going well.  I’ve cut out alcohol during the week which I think is really helping.  I won’t lie, I love sitting down after work with an adult beverage.  But I also like fitting into my summer pants!

Goal: Rest Day
Ran: 1.5 walked

Time: 45:00

Diet: Attempting a high protein day of 1400 calories
Goal: Lots of water and 700 calorie deficit

Weight: 152.6 down same as yesterday.